Forests Edge Maypole

The Forest’s Edge is an enchanted threshold between this world and the otherworld, between civilization and the wild. We witches of the Forest’s Edge honor all that is betwixt and between, neither wholly one thing nor the other. We honor an enspirited world through the Presences of the gods, ancestors, fae and nature spirits.

From windswept cliffs to verdant valleys, we walk an eclectic path of green witchcraft. Through priestcraft, spellcraft, hedgecraft, fellowship and celebration we teach our hearts to beat with the rhythms of the seasons. The members of our small tradition form an extended family of wild witches, hedge witches, hearth witches and cunning men and women who draw from ancient traditions and creative inspirations that authentically reflect our lives. Together we honor wholeness and dynamic balance.

We strive to learn and develop throughout our lives, ever deepening our spiritual practices and transforming ourselves. We honor the multicultural influences of our members and support one another in cultivating our individual spiritual ancestries as well as our collective spiritual ancestry. As green witches we strive to live ethically, honoring our connections to humankind and all of the natural world.

Each witch is an individual on a unique spiritual path of empowerment through self-understanding and of partnership with sacred creation. In a sense, each witch in our tradition is solitary, cultivating both a meaningful personal practice and a growing, fulfilling connection with the tradition community. Following their inner promptings, some members also choose to form local covens and/or host local, open events in their geographical area. In the Nashville area tradition members gather to hedgeride (our language for shamanic style journeying), socialize, perform rites of passage, etc. The Forest’s Edge has solitaries, students and one circle in the Nashville area, with other members scattered across the globe.

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